Section 7: Evaluation and Feedback

Students rely on evaluation and feedback to help them determine how well they are doing in a course at any given moment. This could come in the form of ​

  • methods that allow them to track their learning progress, ​
  • methods that provide prompt and descriptive feedback on assignments or quizzes, and ​
  • methods that allow for peer feedback, and self-assessments.
Feedback tools can serve many or multiple purposes through their use. What purpose do your feedback tools serve…
  • Track & enhance student learning progress?
  • Provide prompt and descriptive feedback on the learning process?
  • Provide prompt and descriptive feedback on assignments, discussions or quizzes?
  • Peer feedback on the learning process?
  • Peer feedback on activities & assignments?
  • Self-assessment of the learning process?
  • Self-assessment of activities & assignments?
Some tools that might be employed to provide feedback:
  • Grade Book
  • SpeedGrader
  • Rubrics
  • Grade Book Features
  • Assessment Tools
  • Communication Tools
  • Group Tools

Section 7 of HCC’s online course quality rubric contains these standards:


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