7.2 Prompt Feedback

Strategies are in place to provide prompt evaluation and feedback.

Consider including this as part of your communication policy.

Points: 3 (Essential)

QM Alignment: 5.3


Canvas has tools that allow you to more quickly provide feedback to your students, including tools for automatically generating feedback. Consider also including feedback policy in your syllabus or else a statement about how quickly students can expect their assignments to be graded and given feedback.

Think about what feedback can your students expect?


Sample Instructor Feedback Policy

During a typical week, you may find that the instructor is quite present in the course and will reply to emails, comment in discussions, or respond to questions in Chat.  You can certainly obtain feedback on a rough draft from the instructor and peers prior to the due date.   All weekly assignments will be officially graded after the Sunday, 6:00pm due date. When an assignment or discussion is graded, you can expect 
  • A completed rubric.
  • Additional instructor comments via the text box or audio. 
  • Suggestions for improvement.
Once all student submissions are graded, you can expect a class feedback announcement on Tuesday or Wednesday.  The announcement may contain a survey.  Please review the feedback and your graded assignment.  If you need to discuss a specific grade, you should contact me via email with specific questions.  Normally, we will schedule a consultation. 


  • Canvas
    • Quizzes and Graded Surveys can automatically provide feedback to students upon submission.
    • Using the SpeedGrader, especially with Rubrics, can help you more quickly provide feedback to students about their assignments.
    • If you notice many students in your course had similar struggles on a quiz or test or assignment, consider sharing a video (with Canvas Studio) or message explaining the issue and how to solve it.
      • Another strategy is after the first major exam, share a lesson to students about how to learn – how learning works, study strategies, etc.
    • Use the Message Students Who feature in the Canvas gradebook to send messages to students who meet certain conditions, such as not having submitted an assignment yet or scored poorly on an exam or assignment.


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