This guide is an annotated supplement to the official HCC Online Course High Quality Standards Rubric. This guide is designed as a quick reference that contains one page for each of the rubric’s 73 quality standards, with additional resources, examples, tutorials, and frequently asked questions and issues.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the rubric or this guide, please contact

About HCC’s 2025 High Quality (HQ) Initiative

The HCC Online Learning department’s sharepoint page has information about HCC’s 2025 High Quality initiative and processes, including this one-minute video introduction and a document outlining the different pathways for achieving high quality.

This effort is part of Florida’s online course design quality designations initiative that arose from the Florida Board of Governors 2025 Strategic Plan. As per state guidelines, HCC’s quality rubric is compatible and aligned with the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric.

Courses are designated High Quality with this digital badge:

Please contact Online Learning (OL) and Faculty Professional Development Services (FPDS) for more information.

Click the ‘next’ button below to navigate to the next page in this guide, which contains links to the course quality rubric file, as well as supporting resources and training.


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