5.1 Assignment Alignment

Assignments align with module objectives. Assignments should reflect the action verbs used in the module objectives.

Examples include a graded discussion that asks students to “explain” or “describe” a concept.

Points: 3 (Essential)

QM Alignment: 3.1


In line with standards 2.3, 3.1, 4.1, 6.1, and 9.1, your course assignments should align with your module learning objectives. See standard 2.3 for more information about alignment.


Sample Grade Level Learning Goals

  • Detail the social and economic factors that impact student learning in a specific grade level (CO1)
  • Identify the educational background and experiences of students in a specific grade level (CO1, CO5).
  • Detail the academic expectations and state standards for a specific grade level (CO1).

Example: The Student Profile Project

Learning Goals?

Create a student learning profile that explores student diversity,  development, equity and learning needs for a specific student grade level.


PurposeProvide students with feedback on their learning process and address challenges to learning.   
  1. Grade-Level Research Sheet
  2. Student Motivation Reflection
  3. Information Processing Infographic


PurposeEvaluate student mastery of learning goals.
Final AssignmentStudent Learning Profile.


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