9.2 Minimum Technology Requirements

Consider including a syllabus statement providing details of the required technology used in the course to include hardware, software, plug-ins, mobile applications, and access instructions if applicable.

Examples: headset, microphone, media players, software, etc.

Points: 2 (Very Important)

QM Alignment: 1.5


Students who register for a fully-online course need to have regular access to a computer and the internet.
Online students need to be proficient in basic word processing skills, internet research, online communication, and following digital prompts to complete tasks.
Include information about technology requirements and skills in your syllabus and/or your orientation module (example).

It is recommended that for any software you use, link to information about 1) system requirements, 2) privacy policies, and 3) accessibility. See standard 1.13 for more examples.


Minimum Technology Sample Policies

Sample Policy

Successful students access online courses daily.  Most online courses include multi-media files, videos, or audio.  To experience the course, your personal computer should have the following suggested qualities.
  • For your computer to quickly process course materials, your operating system should be Vista, or Windows 7. 8 or 10.  It helps to have a high-speed internet connection (1.5MB), a processor of 2 GHz, and enough storage to save files, 4 GB RAM
  • To enjoy media files, you should have a monitor and video card with 1024×768 or greater resolution.
  • To complete assignments, a keyboard and mouse are recommended.
  • To interact with media files, speakers, headphones, microphone, or headset are recommended.
  • To web conference, a web camera is needed.
  • Updated Browser:  You’ll need the most recent version of the following: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.  The recommended browser for HCC Online Courses is Google Chrome.

Sample Policy

Canvas is the supported learning management system used at Hillsborough Community College. Canvas tools used in this course support course and unit learning objectives by promoting student engagement and active learning. This includes Discussion Boards, Assignments, Announcements, and Grades.
In addition, students will use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to complete course assignments. All HCC students have access to Microsoft Office 365 for free. Access Microsoft Office 365.
Web-based content and YouTube videos are also included in the course.



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