3.8 Accurate, Relevant and Current

Instructional materials represent current thinking in the discipline. Older works considered “seminal” in the field are appropriate. The content is accurate and relevant to the course.

Points: 2 (Very Important)

QM Alignment: 4.4


When you curate content, it may help to consider your selection process.  What academic or educational criteria should you use to evaluate a selection?  Consider how students use content to create a knowledge base.

Consider the accuracy, relevance, and currency of your instructional materials:

  • Accurate​
    • Does your selection provide a valid, supported perspective?​
  • Relevant​
    • Does your selection align with learning goals and curriculum?​
  • Current​
    • Does your selection reflect new ideas or concepts your students need to explore?​


  • If you are using older materials or videos in your course that you want to update, consider adopting free and openly-licensed materials. See this handout on Open Educational Resources and Open Pedagogy.
  • Ensure your materials are properly cited and comply with copyright regulations and fair use rules (standard 3.3).




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