6.6 Publisher Assessments

The publisher provides for the instructor to vary the selection and timing of specific assessments.

Points: 2 (Very Important)

QM Alignment: 3.5 T


Publisher Assessments can be both formative and summative. They can enhance the student learning experience by providing unique interactive activities or the ability to apply skills.


  • Contact your publisher support or the publisher’s campus representative for help or if you have any questions.
  • Include in your course tutorials, videos, or handouts for students on how they can access the publisher materials and assessments. Often the publisher will provide these materials online for you to link to or upload/copy into your course.
  • Double-check due dates and other settings in your publisher materials are configured correctly.
  • It is recommended that for any publisher tools you use, link to information about 1) system requirements, 2) privacy policies, and 3) accessibility. See standard 1.13 for examples from several publishers.
  • If you pair your course with a publisher site and it automatically creates assessments in your Canvas course, add them to your modules so students can easily access them.
  • If you are having your course reviewed by your peers, you’ll need to give them access to your publisher materials and assessments, too. You might contact your publisher representative for help with that, and/or create a copy of your publisher course and give temporary access (that doesn’t require payment) to others.

Common Issues

  • Difficult to find or access publisher materials and assessments.
  • Publisher assessments are not configured correctly.
  • All course activities and assessments are only on the publisher site, and not linked to from Canvas.
  • The course only consists of publisher assessments and PowerPoints.


What publisher assessments can you use in a typical lesson plan?
  • ​Interactive Reading and Learning Activities
  • Interactive Homework
  • Self-grading Practice Sets
  • MyLab Application Sites
  • Course Support Sites (Mastering)
  • Integrated Software (StatCrunch)
  • Test Question Banks
  • Gamification



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