Welcome to the Open Educational Resource (OER) laboratory manual that will take you on an exciting journey through scientific exploration’s fundamental principles and techniques. This book will delve into the captivating realm of scientific inquiry, where observation, experimentation, and analysis pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

Biology I Cellular Processes Laboratory Manual will provide our undergraduate biology students with an engaging and meaningful laboratory experience that nurtures a sense of discovery and encourages more significant interest in biological science as a core subject, a field of study, or a career. The laboratory manual reinforces critical core concepts of biology and engages students to solve problems through scientific investigation by learning to ask and answer questions through observations and conducting experiments.

The content of the lab was adopted from a previous lab manual titled “Biological Science Lab Manual” coauthored with Ms. Amanda Gehring in 2017.

Many thanks to Ms. Amanda Gehring, Prabha Usman, Biology Department of Hillsborough Community College Brandon Campus and Center for Innovative Teaching and Technology for providing valuable input on what it takes to make a Biology lab manual a success.



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